Service & Aftermarket

Our engineers take pride in making sure everything simply works.

Our service team


Our Service Engineers perform setup, testing and commissioning in addition to service, maintenance and overhauls. Either according to fixed contracts or on demand.

The majority of our service-assignments are being conducted on equipment that is designed, built and installed by us here at K. LUND Offshore. This gives us comprehensive in-depth knowledge.

Our dedicated staff of Service Engineers is the core of our Aftermarket-business. Assuring high-end services based on exceptional experience and skills – well supported by our backoffice team who handles technical support services, inquires and orders.




Certified personnel

K. LUND Offshore’s Service Engineers starts off with two years of internal training and certification, in addition to in-depth training, resulting in certification at our compressor manufacturers. Being certified service personnel ensures that everyone knows exactly what and how things are done. This brings quality and continuity in our work.

Training & Courses

At K. LUND Offshore, we believe that sharing knowledge is key to collective success. That’s why we provide unique training programs with specialized trainers to our customers. Our training programs are aimed at engineers, maintenance personnel, operators, and service technicians. We arrange training sessions both at our premises in Sola, and on-site at client facilities, whether onshore or offshore. We offer training for,

  • All K. LUND Offshore and Maskin K. LUND air-compressor skid
  • Flare Gas Recovery
  • Centrifugal air compressors (Ingersoll Rand Centac)
  • Screw air compressors (Ingersoll Rand SSR)
  • Piston air/gas compressors (Cooper Macinery and Reavell)
  • Liquid Ring wet gas compressors (NASH)
  • Desiccant Dryers


Overhaul program

Air compressors play an important part in keeping your processes running reliably and efficiently on a daily basis. K. LUND Offshore understands this and offers a field overhaul program that evaluates and supports your compressor systems. It enables you to maximise the useful life of your valuable asset, and helps you avoid unwanted and unscheduled downtime through preventive measures.

Our field overhaul program includes assessment and diagnostic services, preventive maintenance, small repairs, large revisions and upgrades.

K. LUND Offshore is the only approved distributor and service operator in Norway for Ingersoll Rand and Reavell Compressors.